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Happy Easter & Anzac Day Remembrance

I would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter and holiday period. Whether you celebrate Easter or not take this time out to tune into the Faith of this period. It is the time when Jesus rose from the dead for Christians and a religion was born for billions of people, It gave them Hope, Faith and Eternal Life. It is a very powerful time energetically and spiritually so allow yourself to feel the Faith, Love and Healing that this time of year has to offer.

Anzac Day falls on Easter Monday this year so take a minute to send Unconditional Love to all the people and Families that were affected by the war. There are many wonderful people that have served in wars past and current that have and are risking their lives daily for our freedom. There are no winners in any war but until the consciousness raises there is still a need for armed forces and we are all very grateful to them and their families.

Love & Gratitude


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