Frequently Asked Questions regarding Theta Healing Course

How do I find out more About Theta Healing?
Participating in a Free Introduction workshop will allow you to discover more about Theta Healing, please refer to the Free Introduction page. Alternatively you can purchase Vianna Stibal’s latest book by emailing us at The cost of the book is $29.95 + $10 for express postage in Australia. Please note that the book is used as a reference and is not a substitute for the course.

Where are the Courses Taught?
The courses can be taught anywhere. We are willing and able to teach from any state in Australia to any country overseas. If we are not teaching in your area and you would like us to come to you then email us at to enquire about how you can host a Theta Healing course in your area. When emailing us please include your name and phone number.

How do I prepare for my Theta Healing course?
No preparation is required, the only criterion is that you have a good nights sleep and you are relaxed wearing comfortable clothes. However, we do ask you to come with an open mind and be prepared for a fun and informative weekend that will expand your mind and transform your life.

How do I become a qualified Theta Healing Practitioner?
Upon completing the Basic Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2 course you are certified as a practitioner. However it is recommended that you complete the Advanced and Intuitive anatomy courses if you want to do ThetaHealing® on professional level. IA will further enhance your healing and intuitive skills and improve your ability to perform more powerful and faster changes due to the knowledge and hours undertaken and completed in the 3 week course. The key is regular practice of the technique and attending Practice Nights on a monthly basis will also enhance your abilities as a qualified Theta Healer.

Do you provide On-Going Support after I Complete the Theta Healing course?
CoCreation provides on-going support through our Practice Nights which are held monthly. For further details please refer to Practice Nights Page.

Why is it called Theta Healing?
It is called “Theta Healing” because Theta practitioners enter a Theta brainwave state when performing the technique. It has been scientifically proven that Theta practitioners are achieving a Theta Brainwave and Scientists have verified this by using an EEG machine.
There are five well known brainwaves – alpha, beta, theta, gamma and delta. Alpha is normally associated with meditation and relaxation. Beta is the waking state of the brain. Theta occurs during deep relaxation and first stage of a deep sleep. Gamma is the state you access when you experience a situation in slow motion. Delta is a state of deep sleep.
Before Vianna Stibal developed the Theta Healing technique, many believed that it took 20 or 30 years of meditative practice to achieve a Theta brainwave. But, using Vianna’s technique, practitioners are able to enter a Theta brainwave state in seconds! Theta Healing practitioners are able to connect with this energy and manifest amazing emotional and spiritual changes in their clients.

Can I use the Theta Healing technique on myself?
The Theta Healing technique is very easy to learn. After completing the basic 3 day course, Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2 you will be able to access a Theta State and be able to perform a healing on either yourself or others.

What Courses are being Taught by Co-Creation?
Mark Anthony is qualified and certified to teach all of Vianna’s workshops. He has been personally trained by Vianna to teach the following:

1) Basic Theta Healing (DNA 1 & 2)
2) Advanced Theta Healing
3) Intuitive Anatomy
4) Manifesting & Abundance
5) Rainbow Children
6) World Relations
7) Disease & Disorder
8) DNA 3
9) Soul Mate
10) Animal Healing
11) Rhythm
12) Game of Life
13) Plant Course
14) 7 Planes
15) Wealth Consciousness

Cancellation Refund and Transfer Policy

When registering for a course you agree to pay a non-refundable deposit.

If you decide to cancel the course we are happy to offer the opportunity for you to transfer the deposit to a future course/workshop being offered by CoCreation Theta Healing. Cancellation of the course is only applicable prior to the commencement of the course.

All cancellations must be made by contacting our office on (02)8065 1153 or emailing us at

No refunds will be issued once a course has commenced.

Vianna Stibal’s Teacher training events have a no refund or transfer policy in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. Registrations for these events are Not Open until we have confirmed dates.

For more information regarding our Policy please contact our office on (02)8065 1153


The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are not meant to supplement, or be substitute for, professional medical care or treatment. You should not treat a serious medical ailment without prior consultation from a qualified healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Private Theta Healing Consultation

What is involved in a Theta Healing consultation?

The practitioner accesses a “theta state” in order to connect with the “Creator of all that is”. From this state the practitioner identifies relevant issues, changes limiting beliefs and then witnesses the changes on the client. For example during the session the practitioner may identify the client holds the belief “I am sad”. This is can be discovered intuitively or through a process which identifies the bottom program that is holding a condition in place. The practitioner will ask the client “Do you want to change this belief? If the client agrees to change it then the practitioner accesses a “theta state” connecting with the “Creator of all that is” and commands the change. This will take a couple of seconds, once the change is completed the practitioner may muscle test the client to verify that the change has taken place and that it has changed on the subconscious level. There is no “hands on healing” involved. The practitioner’s role is to command and witness the changes so they can take physical form. The practitioner steps out of the way and witnesses the changes. It is the “Creator of all that is” that does the healing.

How do I prepare for a consultation?
To prepare for a consultation please refer to the consultation page for details

What is the cost of a private consultation and where do consultations take place?
Refer to the Consultation page for the consultation rates for each of our practitioners. Consultations can take place over the phone or face to face. Theta healing does not involve physical contact since it is an Intuitive based healing. Our practitioners work with clients from all over the world over the phone. To book a phone consultation please email us at When emailing it is essential that you include the days and times that are best for you, and what country and time zone you’re in.

How long does a private consultation go for?
Private consultations take 1 hour however it is possible that the first consultations can take up to one and half hours.

How many Theta Healing consultations do I need to have?
There is really no “right” answer. In most cases it is dependant on the issues, what your goals are and your readiness to heal. It is important to be honest and open with your issues as this will speed up the process and allow you to let go of these issues and move on. Generally an emotional or spiritual issue can be addressed in the one session although it may take more than one. If you are suffering from an illness or physical condition then we will work on the emotional and spiritual issues around it and this may take a few more sessions but we make no guarantees or claims that we can heal these issues or conditions.

It’s common for people to do weekly sessions at first until they’ve addressed all the major issues that brought them to seek healing in the first place. A person may choose to come on a monthly basis to address all the things that have come up in their lives. However it is recommended that if you are addressing issues on an ongoing basis then taking a Theta Healing course can be extremely beneficial as it will give you the tools to work on yourself. These benefits include clearing hundreds of limiting beliefs in one weekend and learning the technique so you are able to facilitate healings on yourself. We believe that it is the fastest healing technique available.

How long does it take for me to feel a change or for the results to occur?

Every person is different but we have found that in most cases people definitely feel a shift during the consultation. Many people experience instant results from Theta healings. If you have 3 or 4 consults you will generally feel a difference in the first one. In some cases people may need a few days for them to really acknowledge a change and allow the healing to take its course. Mark has had clients ring back thinking that they didn’t benefit from the healing and after being reminded of the issues worked on they are able to acknowledge the change. In these cases the issue has been totally cleared and resolved and they don’t remember the issue existed.

Is Theta Healing associated with any Church or Religion?
Theta Healing is not religious based it is a spiritual practice and is not part of any Church or religious denomination. People of all walks of life with various faiths and cultural backgrounds including people of all ages and occupations have benefited from the power of Theta Healing. It does not interfere with your religious or spiritual views.

Do I have to believe in God for Theta Healing to work?

There is no belief requirement in order to benefit from Theta Healing. All that is required is that you are open to the concept that there is some form of higher power or consciousness. For some people the higher power is God, for others it is the Universe. Common terms used by Theta Healing practitioners include – “God”, “The Creator of All That Is”, “Source”, “Universal Love”, “Heavenly Father”, “Jesus”, “Allah” and “The Divine”. Practitioners use what is most comfortable for them.


The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are not meant to supplement, or be substitute for, professional medical care or treatment. You should not treat a serious medical ailment without prior consultation from a qualified healthcare professional.