Diseases & Disorders


Course Description

Are you achieving the desired outcomes for yourself or your clients? OR
Would you like to accelerate your healing abilities?  or
Do you FEAR working with Illness and Diseases if so this is a “must do” course.

The creation of the Disease & Disorder course was inspired by Vianna’s extensive healing sessions with numerous clients over the years. Through her work, she discovered that diseases possess distinct personalities and associated belief systems. Interestingly, individuals with similar belief systems often find themselves attracting these diseases. Vianna also realized that her personal aversions or fears towards a particular disease hindered her ability to witness the miraculous transformation of that disease in others.

In the Diseases & Disorders class you will receive incredible healing downloads and invaluable information. You will develop a deeper comprehension of how illnesses manifest within the body and uncover the various beliefs and emotions that Vianna has identified to be associated with diseases, based on her extensive work with over 47,000 clients.

In this class you will identify your own personal issues that are obstructing your ability to attain the healing outcomes you desire for yourself and your clients. For instance, you cannot witness a healing on a disease that killed your ancestors or made them suffer! The trauma is in your DNA and it blocks your ability to witness the healing. This class will help you overcome group conscious fear or genetic fears of the diseases that affected your ancestors.  Ultimately, this class will clear your blocks that have prevented your from seeing, recognising and healing diseases and disorders within the human body.

Vianna’s invaluable wisdom and enlightening discoveries have benefited numerous individuals worldwide, and they are now being shared in this comprehensive 10 day course.

Do you FEAR working with Diseases and Disorders?

This course aims to address one of the main obstacles that healers face in their practice – fear. This fear may stem from worries about the disease itself, concerns about contamination, or doubts about their own abilities. Have you ever felt resistant or fearful when you hear about ‘cancer’? or have you ever thought “Working on someone with the flu might make me sick,” These thoughts and feelings can limit the healing process ie  “If a healer has fears surrounding a disease, instant healings cannot occur.” This course focuses on understanding and releasing these fears, which may be deeply ingrained and held on the different levels of your subconscious(ie core, historical, genetics or soul level). By identifying and resolving these fears, you can become a more confident practitioner, allowing you to channel the Creator’s energy and witness more frequent miracles in your healing practice.



“An amazing course, all my expectations were met. I am really happy that I decided to do this course as it has fine tuned my skills and have boosted my confidence tremendously. Thanks again Mark for a wonderful amazing learning experience.”
Sophie Prior, ThetaHealer™ Practitioner, Sydney

“An awesome course – Really intense but an incredible learning and healing experience.
Highly recommended.”
Sonia Logan, General Practitioner, Sydney

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Course Outline

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of how disease appears in your body. You will discover valuable insights that have helped thousands of people worldwide which will inturn help you as well as help others. By the end of the course you will no longer fear the darkness of your own beliefs or those of others as they pertain to Disease or to Disorders

  • Gain a direct link to Vianna’s knowledge and experience from healing over 47,000 clients.
  • Learn & discuss a variety of common diseases and give insights into the physical, mental and emotional components of illnesses.
  • Gain an understanding of heavy metal poisoning
  • Undestanding herbs and minerals as part of the healing process.
  • Clear your own fears, limiting beliefs and blocks about the most common illnesses and diseases
  • Discover the many beliefs & feelings that are found to be common among many dis-eases in the body

Course Dates

Date: 13th to 23rd Oct 2023(17th day off)

Venue: Online

Time: 5:30pm to 11:30pm (Taiwan time-zone)
Pre-requisites: Intuitive Anatomy

This class will be taught by Mark Anthony and hosted by Ann Young. For more information or to register for this course email mark@thetahealing.net.au or contact Ann  Young via the following details:




Date: Oct 2024(Online & In-Person)
Venue: Co-Creation Level 2, 83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards
Time: 11am to 6pm each day from Monday to Friday
Pre-requisites: Intuitive Anatomy

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