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ThetaHealing® Instructors– Become a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor in Sydney (REMOTE LOCATION)

Would you like to inspire and powerfully change the lives of countless individuals or become an expert in the transformative Thetahealing technique? This can be ultimately realised by attaining certification as a ThetaHealing® Instructor in Sydney, Australia

“Teaching ThetaHealing is an immensely fulfilling journey!  As a ThetaHealing Instructor, you will have the opportunity to inspire and uplift thousands worldwide. Becoming a certified ThetaHealing Instructor presents the unparalleled opportunity to grow spiritually and personally under the guidance of one of today’s foremost spiritual leaders.”

We will be offering a REMOTE LOCATION for Teacher Certification classes right here in Sydney.  This means you can join your fellow Thetahealers in-person, without the need for overseas travel. The classes will be live streamed from the US, allowing you to learn directly from the THiNK Instructor team, including the esteemed founder, Vianna Stibal, and her family Joshua, Raena and Brandy. Whether seeking certification or re-certification, this is your chance to harness the profound healing potential of Thetahealing and share it with others.

For those aspiring to become a Thetahealing Instructor, refine their teaching skills, deepen their understanding of Thetahealing from a Teacher’s perspective, enrolling in the Teacher Certification classes is an extraordinary opportunity.

Participating in-person in Sydney offers a rich and supportive environment for learning, connection and personal evolution. The CoCreation team, including Mark Anthony will be there to support and guide you every step of the way throughout the Teacher Certification classes.

Course Description

Immerse yourself in the intensive and exhilarating Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and You & Creator Certified ThetaHealing Instructor courses. You will receive a step-by-step guide to teaching the Thetahealing technique, complete with teacher manuals for your reference. Throughout the classes, you will benefit from our unwavering guidance and support at every turn.

Prepare to delve into a wealth of educational materials, scientific insights and hands-on healing exercises. Not only will you gain technical certification to teach the foundation classes, Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You & Creator courses, but you’ll also glean invaluable insights on becoming a successful Thetahealing Instructor. Our esteemed THiNK team of Instructors will generously share their own personal triumphs and teaching experiences, providing you with invaluable wisdom and inspiration.

Moreover, the Instructor classes offer an opportunity to refine your Thetahealing skills and overcome common hurdles in teaching, such as public speaking anxiety, fear of fame and apprehension about publicity, among others.

By the end of this exciting Teacher Certification Journey, you’ll possess all the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently embark on your own personal journey as a Certified ThetaHealing™ Teacher.

Experience the unparalleled beauty and energy of Sydney, Australia, as you receive Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, You & Creator Instructors Certification in one of the world’s most remarkable locations.

Course Details


Name: Basic Thetahealing Instructors   
Date: 28th to 31st May
Investment: $1870.00 USD (Consisting of: Registration Fee $530.00 USD, Seminar Cost $1340 USD)
Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioners & You and the Creator Practitioners®


Name: Advanced Thetahealing Instructors                                                                                                                                             
Date: 3rd to 5th June
Investment: $1690.00 USD (Consisting of: Registration Fee $440.00 USD, Seminar Cost $1250 USD)
Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing® Instructors


Name: Dig Deeper Thetahealing Instructors                                                                                                                                           
Date: 7th to 8th June
Investment: $1240.00 USD (Consisting of: Registration Fee $350 USD, Seminar Cost $890 USD)
Prerequisite: Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructors


Name: You and the Creator Instructors 
Date: 11th & 12th
Investment: 1240.00 USD (Consisting of: Registration Fee $350 USD, Seminar Cost $890 USD)
Prerequisite: Dig Deeper ThetaHealing® Instructors


Venue: Level 2/83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards in Sydney. Click on “How to Find US & Accommodation” for more information.


Teachers: All classes are taught by the THiNK Team of Instructors (including Vianna the founder, Brandy, Joshua & Raena HOSTED In-person by Mark Anthony and the Team at CoCreation to support you on your journey.

Time: 11:00am-5:00pm each day

Registration: To reserve your spot and enroll in any of the Instructor classes mentioned above, simply click the button below. (Please NOTE: Clicking on the button will redirect you to the THiNK website for registration.)

To Apply for a Teacher’s Assistant position for those seeking to recertify OR if you’re interested in applying for a Scholarship click on Support Forms – Theta Healing



All of the Teacher Certification Classes are subject to a No-Refund and No-Transfer policy.


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