Planes Of Existence


Course Description

This ThetaHealing Practitioner class will speak to your soul as it takes you on a journey of deepening your understanding of the philosophy that underpins ThetaHealing.


“I have just returned from Auckland doing “Planes of Existence” with … It blew my mind and I wasn’t the only one! Planes is the most amazing class ever! Wow! So much information and well worth waiting for. The class is a great mix of information, (basically how everything works), and amazing exercises (which are a lot of fun)! Anyone “thinking about” doing ‘Planes of Existence’ should stop thinking and “DO IT”. You won’t regret it (on any level)! Thank you to Vianna Stibal for the work and dedication that went into this class. I will never be the same again!”
Jill Blythe – Animal Communicator, Opotiki, NZ

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Course Outline

The information contained in this class is mind-blowing, exciting and has never been presented in any other class to date! You will discover the special virtues which help you connect to the 7th Plane of Existence and the Laws of the Universe to instigate incredible healing in your life and in others.

In this class you will discover your own unique virtues that you need to master in order to become the best version of yourself! Instead of the focus being on clearing negative beliefs, in the course you will have the opportunity to work on positive class work where you will focus on magnifying your inherited abilities and remembering the virtues you brought into this life.

This course explores in depth the very basis of the philosophy of ThetaHealing, namely the Planes of Existence that make up our world.

As human beings having a spiritual experience in this life, we can consciously choose to develop our personal connection to the Energy that Moves in All Things, then to co-create healing’s using this all-encompassing energy of love.

It’s possible to learn how to witness this creative moment before it manifests into our reality and we explore this possibility during the class. We discuss in detail the special virtues, such as compassion, kindness, and many more that are needed to spiritually communicate with the Laws of the Universe and to facilitate healing from the 7th Plane. Then we do exercises to magnify these attributes in your space.

We go deeper than ever before into the other Planes of Existence including intuitively working with and expanding your awareness of minerals and crystals, plants and elementals, our human world we share with animals, the Ascended Masters and Ancestors, the Laws of the Universe, the Higher Self and more.

The Planes of Existence book includes all the newest knowledge – but also covers important content from your DNA 3, Plants and Animals classes. During the class we touch on some of those topics but in a fresh and more in-depth way. If you have already taken Plants or Animals classes, this class will give you the knowledge you need to know to do effective work on plant and animals – or if you already have taken Plats and Animals classes you will get more information than you had previously. Either way you win!

This class is for the Advanced soul and for ThetaHealers who want to evolve on all levels, improve their healing skills and take the next step forward in their lives. If you have taken many of the other Thetahealing classes you will find that this class is a very important completion point to many of the other classes. You will find that you will finally understand the quantum aspects of Thetahealing and why you are here!

Course Dates


Course Name: Planes of Existence (In-Person)
Date:  TBC

Venue: Co-Creation Level 2, 83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards
Investment: $1850  Repeat: $900
Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing & Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioners, Intuitive Anatomy OR Basic Thetahealing, Advanced Thetahealing, Basic DNA Instructors or Advanced Instructors

Early Bird: $1700

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