ThetaHealing – The Abundant Healer Practice Night Series (In-Person OR Online – via Zoom)

DISCOVER Why YOU might be Struggling Financially and Not Manifesting Successfully in this New and Exciting Practice Night Series”

 Join us for our special Practice Night Series: THE ABUNDANT HEALER! starting Tuesday 9th July 2024. This amazing series will be taught online and in-person by Mark Anthony, a ThetaHealing® Master Instructor and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing.

In today’s world, with the rising costs of living, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful. When we stress or worry, we limit ourselves and struggle to access our creative energy, making it harder to manifest our true desires. That’s why we’ve created this special Practice Night Series to help support you and elevate your mindset to create abundance regardless of the economic environment.

When you disconnect from fear, clear unconscious limiting beliefs and focus on the fact that we live in an incredible world with more opportunities than ever before, abundance will be magnetised to you.

In this Practice Night Series, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Unlock Your Money & Abundance Blocks.
  • Raise Your Awareness and Expand Your Consciousness
  • Uncover and Heal Your Money Story and Inner Child Financial Wounds
  • Learn to Speed Up Your Manifestations by Understanding TIME
  • Connect with the Energy of Money and Strengthen Your Relationship


At these practice nights, you will receive empowering downloads and healing to help rewire your brain, empower you and open your ability to receive. Regular participation of this Practice Night Series will reinforce and awaken your natural tendencies towards prosperity and abundance.

Whether you are a practicing healer or new to ThetaHealing, over the course of 10 Practice Night events, you will be guided and supported in releasing limitations around money and co-creating any dreams and opportunities you may desire.

You will cultivate a positive relationship with money and allow it to flow more easily and consistently into your life.

Reserve your spot now and learn how to stay aligned and abundant!

Course Dates

Practice Night 1: Tuesday 9th July (REPLAY Available) Abundance is Your Birth Right (Infinite Abundance is available to us from the Universe or Creator – Creator wants us to experience Abundance)

Practice Night 2: Tuesday 30th July Inner Child (Uncover your Money Story and heal inner child wounds pertaining to money and finances)

Practice Night 3: Tuesday 13th Aug Genetic / Past life Clearings (some of our biggest money blocks are unknowingly inherited genetically or through our past lives)

Practice Night 4: Tuesday 20th Aug Understanding Time (accelerate the manifestation process)

Practice Night 5: Tuesday 24th Sept Money Blocks & Relinquishing Blame, Guilt, & Shame Around Money. ( Having more or wanting more does not mean someone is going without or you’re greedy) 

Practice Night 6: Tuesday 8th Oct Cultivating a strong Connection to Money (Money is Energy – do you repel the energy of money or deflect your Abundance? Eliminate Negative Experiences with Money. Release Resentment and Become a Better Receiver) 

Practice Night 7: Wednesday 9th Oct Manifesting & Attracting Clients

Practice Night 8: Monday 18th Nov Letting Go of Your Manifestations 

Practice Night 9: Tuesday 3rd Dec  Gratitude Effect (Cocreate through Love and Appreciation)

Practice Night 10:  Wednesday 4th Dec Q&A


Location: ONLINE or IN-PERSON at Level 2/83 -85 Chandos St, St Leonards OR ONLINE via Zoom

Time: 7pm to 9pm Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing

 If you purchase the ABUNDANT Practice Night Series, we will take $50 Off and the last Practice Night will be FREE.

 $35 each or seize the bundle at $300 (SAVE $50 and receive the last practice night for FREE plus unlimited access to the replay of all the Practice Nights) To SECURE this special price a deposit of $150 must be paid by Tuesday 9th July PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS ARE AVAILBE email for more information.

To pay as you go click on “UPCOMING PRACTICE NIGHT”  

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