ThetaHealing –  Intuitive Practice Night Series (In-Person OR Online – via Zoom)

Unlock & Embrace Your Intuitive Gifts – Learn to trust yourself, Creator & the Universe!


Join us for our Intuition Practice Night Series to uncover and embrace your Intuitive Gifts in 7 powerful Practice Night events!

The purpose of this Practice Night series is to cultivate and access your innate psychic and Intuitive powers. Open up to greater insight and deepen your ability to Trust Yourself, the Creator and the Universe.

 How many times have you…

·         Found it difficult to discern the inner messages that you receive as real or just random thoughts or
·         Felt gut feelings about something but did not follow through with it because you doubted the guidance you were receiving
·         Been doubtful about making decisions or felt bad for making poor decisions.
·         Received messages during your healing sessions or readings but doubted the information

We all have these moments from time to time even though we know not to doubt ourselves. We just don’t listen and trust ourselves enough to follow through on the guidance or the messages we are receiving.

Most people spend years and years of practice and attending courses to unlock their Intuition and psychic powers, however utilizing the ThetaHealing technique you will have the opportunity to rapidly enhance your psychic skills in eight powerful evenings.

You will be receiving some of the most amazing downloads channelled from the creator – this will enhance your psychic seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. 

You will also be clearing inner child trauma, ancestral beliefs and any past life trauma for being killed, persecuted, discriminated against for using psychic skills.  This will also include clearing any moral beliefs on divination and doing the devil’s work etc


When you unlock and clear these blockage life gets easier, you face less resistance, less struggle, make better decisions (day to day and major life decisions) and receive clearer insights and messages from the Creator and the Universe. Embracing and amplifying your Intuitive and Psychic powers will ultimately enhance your healing abilities and your ability to effectively heal yourself or others and create an enlightened life that is enriching, joyful and powerful. 

Course Dates

Practice Night 1:  23 January – Identify Your Intuitive Gifts (replay is now available)

Practice Night 2: 24th January – Inner Child/Past Life Clearing (replay is now available)

Practice Night 3: 30th January – Eliminating Blocks & Fears -mindset (replay is now available)

Practice Night 4: 13th February – Spiritual Boundaries/Protection (this practice night will be via zoom only)

Practice Night 5: 20th February – Deepen Your Connection with the Creator

Practice Night 6: 5th March – Aligining Your Intuitive Gifts(Angel Readings, Body Scans etc)

Practice Night 7: 6th March Q&A



Location: ONLINE or IN-PERSON at Level 2/83 -85 Chandos St, St Leonards OR ONLINE via Zoom

Time: 7pm to 9pm Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing®


 If you purchase the Intuitive Practice Night Series we will take $45 Off and the last Practice Night will be FREE.

$245 $200        $145 $100
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