Intuitive Child in Me


Embark on an Adventure full of fun and magic!

Course Description

Are your Ready to Supercharge your Intuition and Healing abilities, Embrace fun and play into your life or Reclaim the child within?
Then this 4 day course will be an amazing experience not to miss out on!

The Building Your Intuition course is designed to Supercharge your Intuition and Healing abilities in a safe and supportive environment. You will perform exciting and fun exercises that will radically expand your awareness, sense of connection & Intuition.

This course teaches you to open up and activate your full spiritual and intuitive potential so that you can allow yourself to be fully supported on your path & life purpose. You will radically improve your “digging” skills and perform belief work so that you can discover perhaps the moment in your own childhood (or cellular memory) when your intuition was shut down, and to change that. Through a range of wonderful exercises you will master how to connect to the Creator of all that is, learn and gain confidence in a wide range of basic, yet profound, Theta Healing techniques.

This course is essential for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn powerful & exciting exercises to develop your intuition, accelerate your confidence in healing, and activate your clairvoyance and psychic skills.
  • Use advanced crystal layout technique to enhance your healings
  • Bring forth the spontaneity and fun back into your life
  • Gain wisdom and deeper insight on how to help Building Your Intuition grow in a nurturing and supportive environment.
  • Assist others to feel the best they can feel.

This course is truly a unique experience where you can learn how to confidently perform healings and become more intuitive and spiritually connected!


A great course that is beautifully guided and taught by a remarkable teacher. Had such much fun and also had the opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t serve me anymore. Thank you so much Mark love the Crystal work, the plants, the animals and the telekenisis insight as well.
Maria Fernandez, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney

Mark is a great teacher. He is very clear in his teachings and has a very warm personality and down to earth, very helpful and the class was always interesting and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Anthony’s Building Your Intuition class to anyone.
Linda Sojan, Business Owner, Sydney

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  • Enhance and gain confidence in doing belief work and creating positive feelings
  • You will discover the art of Telekinesis and develop your Telekinesis skills (ie move objects with the mind)
  • Learn how to connect with Ascended Masters
  • Perform Mind Reading (have fun sending mental images from one person to another)
  • Learn how to heal with Crystals (Crystal Layouts)
  • Learn how to Connect with your Power animal
  • Drumming and Totems
  • Crystal Scrying(to see spirits or learn how to look into crystal balls)
  • Learning how to Perform readings for people through their jewellery and understanding and reading crystals
  • Learn how to read, see and change auras
  • Perform Empathetic Readings
  • Perform guided mediations
  • Future and Guardian Readings
  • Learn wonderful ways to communicate with angels and plants
  • Discover how to heal animals

Course Date

Date: Jan/Feb 2025
Venue: Co-Creation Level 2, 83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards
Investment: $900 Repeat: $450
Early Bird: $800 (Deposit fee $300)
Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing®
Time: 11am to 5pm each day

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