Hormone Symphony


ThetaHealing® Elective Course – Hormone Symphony

Learn How Your Hormones Affect Your Body!

Deepen your understanding and knowledge of your hormones with this incredible Thetahealing elective. During this class, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the endocrine System and how it affects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your day-to-day life? Do you have a lot of stress? Do you feel like your body is out of sync with your mind? Throughout our lives, our hormones affect us at every age and stage. When our hormones are out of balance this can affect our whole well-being, especially our mood, sleep, weight, skin, energy levels, libido and much more.

Our Hormone Symphony ThetaHealing Class is suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, you learn how the hormones communicate in our body, you learn the connection between hormones and feelings as well as the effect of stress in our body and hormones. We also learn how we can work on menstrual issues, fertility challenges, menopause symptoms, or any other hormonal concerns, by gaining a better understanding of the hormones.


This class will focus on using the Thetahealing technique to help bring your hormones into balance. It is the perfect solution to healing and balancing your hormones and is designed to help you find relief and regain control of your health and well-being.

Course Dates

Course Name: Hormone Symphony (This class will be taught by Jutta Wirth and hosted by Mark Anthony)
Date: 1st to 3rd August 2023
Venue: ONLINE via Zoom
Investment: $550 US  Deposit: $150US (Please note a deposit is required to secure your position and once the deposit has been paid we will email you a payment link to pay the final balance of $400US which is payable to Jutta Wirth

Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® & Dig Deeper Practitioners

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