You And Your Significant Partner


Are you ready to improve or transform your personal relationships, starting with one of the most important ones: You and Your Significant Partner. This is a must do course for everyone whether you are in a relationship or not, this class will help you heel deep ancestral beliefs that will improve all your love relationships.

In this relatively new Thetahealing seminar, Growing Your Relationships 1 – You and Your Significant Partner, you get to work on many genetic and historic beliefs that might be hindering your personal relationships. You will have the opportunity to release any fear and misconceptions about what a relationship should be and allow yourself to be completely in love and to feel loved.

Course Description

Our soulmates know us so well on a spiritual level that you really have to learn how to love yourself to make them work. That is what the Growing your Relationship seminar is all about. This seminar is designed to take you to the next step in your relationship, in your evolution to learn how to become a virtual unit.

This seminar is not just for couples, but for anyone who wants to develop a relationship, an intimate relationship, a partnership to reach the highest potential.

Growing your Relationships will help you:

  • *build a strong partnership
  • *build a strong foundation, keeping your relationship fresh and new, and is designed to help your relationship work for you.
  • *Learn how to really love another person and how to let them love you back, while removing blocks and obstacles handed down to us from our ancestors.

When we truly love ourselves, we get the next level of enlightenment. Would you like to know how to live your life without fearing love? Without guilt in relationships? To be loved by your companion? Join the Growing your Relationships Seminar 1 – You and Your Significant partner to learn.

Course Dates


Date: 14th & 15th August 2023 (Evening class)
Venue: ONLINE via the Zoom platform or In-Person at Level 2/83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards, Sydney

Investment: $625 Repeat:$312
Time: Monday & Tuesday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® & Dig Deeper Practitioners

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