CoCreation has fast grown into Australia’s leader in Thetahealing teaching and training. Our mission at CoCreation is to spread the word about this wonderful technique worldwide so that we can help people discover their purpose and guide them to create happiness, inner peace, and personal fulfillment.

We endeavor to achieve this by teaching as many people as possible and to continue to provide on-going support to the growth and development of our Theta Healing graduates.

We empower them by showing them how to use Thetaheealing to powerfully manifest the reality that they desire.

CoCreation is committed and dedicated to delivering the course material at the highest level. In accordance with Vianna Stibal’s teachings we ensure that our graduates are confident and empowered to apply the ThetaHealing technique in their own lives or with their clients.

Thetahealing has developed into one of the quickest ways to empower your life.

Mark Anthony

Mark was introduced to Theta healing after being diagnosed with a medically incurable condition called Vertebral Osteomyelitis. Mark had a Theta healing consultation and attended a class which transformed his life. Medical tests verified that the bacteria had disappeared, and the bones regenerated. Mark chose to dedicate himself to this work, and was soon a fully qualified Theta healing teacher, Thetahealing Master and Certificate of Science. He continues to be inspired by the power of the technique and the positive changes he sees in his own life and the lives of his clients.

Mark Anthony is Country Event Co-ordinator for Thetahealing Australia. He is a visionary, mentor, teacher/presenter, entrepreneur and a world-renowned Thetahealing Instructor and the creator of the Wealth Consciousness Thetahealing elective.

Mark is dedicated to sharing and teaching this healing technique with the world, based in St Leonards, Sydney Australia, and as an experienced Theta Healing instructor Mark has taught thousands of clients the Theta Healing technique both nationally and internationally.

Mark is a qualified Industrial Engineer; he has managed and owned a number of successful businesses. Mark has always had an enthusiastic interest in the field of spirituality and human potential over the last 25 years. Mark has explored and experienced a number of healing modalities over the years, always having an affinity to Quantum Physics and the power of the creative force but it was not until he experienced Theta Healing that he felt truly connected to the power of the Creator.

Mark has dedicated his life to teaching and enriching people’s lives with this wonderful technique. His passion is to empower people to accept their true potential and create the most amazing lives for themselves. He is committed to delivering the material with the highest integrity and passion. Mark is qualified to teach all Theta healing classes and has created his own Wealth Consciousness class which is a certified Thetahealing elective.
Mark Anthony is also well regarding in the Personal Development and healing industry and is increasingly called upon to share his journey of transformation and speaking on a number of related topics.

A man who truly walks his talk, Mark is a compassionate and inspiring speaker/teacher who speaks from a space of deep authenticity. Mark is dynamic and entertaining and has a humble, gentle and exciting approach. In conjunction with his diverse background, experience and amazing healing/life journey, his speaking engagements are long remembered, leaving a lasting impact on the listeners.

To book Mark Anthony for a speaking engagement or participate in a Free Introduction Theta healing, please email or call (02) 9613 0712

Theresa Fahd

Theresa has spent most of her working life in the Human Resources & IT recruitment industry where she has acheived a high level of success working in the corporate environment as Business Development Manager.

Theresa has studied a number of personal devopment and spiritual courses including NLP, Thought field therapy and is also a qualified life coach. Theresa has trained extensively in Theta Healing and is an integral part of the CoCreation team.

Anita Fahd

Anita has always had an interest in understanding people and human behaviour which led her into her long life study into the areas of personal development and human potential.

In the last few years this interest expanded to the area of Metaphysics where she stumbled across ThetaHealing. Having experienced numerous modalities Anita was amazed with the profound and powerful shifts she experienced in her own life that, she decided to study ThetaHealing.

Anita is a qualified practitioner sharing and helping others to experience life changing success in all areas of life. Anita believes we all deserve to have the life we want and is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Anita has a corporate background spending considerable time working in the Retail, Wholesale and Corporate Business Management arena for most of her working career. Anita has extensive people relationship and coaching skills which have been paramount in her successful career. Previous qualifications in Fitness and Training, coaching Individuals and Groups, achieving health and fitness goals using the power of the mind has been paramount in her life. Anita also has a background in catering.

Anita has completed the following courses in ThetaHealing:

  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA
  • ThetaHealing Advanced DNA
  • ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy
  • ThetaHealing DNA 3
  • ThetaHealing World Relations
  • Disease and Disorders
  • Game of Life
  • Animal Healing
  • Rhythm
  • Soulmate
  • Rainbow Children
  • Basic DNA Teacher
  • Advanced DNA Teacher