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Is it your dream to find a life partner who will love,
cherish, and adore you?

Are you with your soul mate but would like to experience love at a deep
and profound level?

Or are you tired of wasting time meeting the wrong people?
Or Stuck in an unsatisfying relationship?
If you answered YES to any of the above, take heart!

The SOLUTION is here with our >..

SOUL MATE Practitioner class

Profound and life changing, you will leave this class feeling joyful and inspired with new positive beliefs for attracting your most compatible soul mate.

WHY IS the Manifest your SOULMATE class so SPECIAL ?

Vianna Stibal is one of the world’s leading specialists in love and relationships and developed this class so she can share her insights and powerful techniques with you!
This class is more than just a workshop about “Manifesting your most Compatible Soulmate” It is truly a remarkable Journey of “SELF LOVE” . The type of relationship you have or relationship you attract relates to the level at which you are vibrating and has a direct bearing on the level of self-love & self-worth you have for yourself.
When you focus your energy on “finding yourself.”(ie who are you, your beliefs, being comfortable with yourself despite your flaws and ultimately becoming the best that you can be) this leads to the true essence of “self-love”
In order to “find yourself” you truly need to dig deep. Hence in this class you will utilize the profound “Thetahealing digging technique” to dig deep. The “digging technique” will enable you to move on from the past and break through emotional blocks, dissolve limiting barriers and ultimately raise your vibration. When you continue to raise your vibration you will access the inner power that opens up new channels of love and the freedom to embrace your soul mate.
When you FIND YOURSELF, your most compatible soulmate will FIND YOU”
When you are vibrating at this level you are no longer looking or searching for love, an aimless and tiring pursuit but instead you will be allowing which takes less work and opens you up to the infinite possibilities of love.
All the love, happiness and fulfillment that you are seeking is already within you.
If your currently in a happy relationship this course will deepen your “self-love” allowing you to further enhance your relationship at a deep and profound level. You will also learn about activating the “Love Gene” to keep you in the “Honeymoon” period, year after year.

Course Description

In this class you will explore the principles of soul mates, marking the distinction between a ‘soul mate’, twin flame and your ‘most compatible soul mate’.
In this powerful workshop you will:
Uncover those hidden negative beliefs that may have held you back from having that wonderful, healthy, committed relationship. (e.g. ‘I’m not good enough/thin enough/pretty or handsome enough’)
  • Learn how to love and value yourself, inviting the same into your life from others, including your true love
  • Learn to call in your ‘Most Compatible Soul Partner’ and ‘Soul Family’.
  • Perform belief work and release fears about love and any relationship you wish to improve or create.
  • Learn how to really create a ‘manifestation list’ to be able to attract in your life the relationship, love and circumstances of your ‘highest’ vibration in the highest and best way.
  • Muscle test many beliefs and work on those beliefs that you were unaware you could possibly have.
  • Discover the Do’s and Don’ts in the courting process, the in law’s (especially the mother/son or daughter/father relationships, how not to be in the relationship and how to really vibrate in self-confidence.
  • Learn about yourself, your self-worth, love and self-acceptance. What level are you vibrating at and the type of people are you attracting? why? How are they serving you and what have you learned from them?
  • Moving on from the past and have you asked yourself why you have not moved on from certain vibrations? Again you will do returning of Soul Fragments from past relationships and people.
  • Dig and find genetic vows, oaths, commitments and contracts that are keeping you from moving forward or allowing that love to enter your life. You also have these tools to be able to work with your clients, family and friends.
  • If you are in an existing relationship – improve and allow yourself to experience love at a deep and profound level.
  •  You will learn about activating the “Love Gene” to keep you in the ‘Honeymoon’ period, year after year.
Transform your romantic life in a fun, uplifting atmosphere.

“Manifesting your soulmate relationship is so important to the soul that many have said there is nothing more precious in life”

Course Dates


Date: 21st – 22nd October, 2024
Venue: ONLINE via the Zoom Platform
Investment: $625 Repeat: $312
Time: Monday & Tuesday 4pm to 10pm
Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® & Dig Deeper Practitioners

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