Working on yourself/Digging


Learn the secrets to doing powerful healings on yourself utilizing the Thetahealing tool.

One of the biggest challenges for most people when it comes to learning ThetaHealing is, “working on yourself”. This was something Mark Anthonylearnt very early as hedidn’t have many people hecould work with. He can confidently say he has mastered the art of “digging on yourself”.When you work and heal yourself not only does it have invaluable impact on all areas of your life but it also enhances your ability as a healer.

“The key to being a successful healer is learning how to heal yourself”

If you are:
-new to ThetaHealing and struggling to get started
-think you can help others but not yourself
-finding it difficult or get stuck when using the digging tool on yourself
-finding it challenging to identify your own issues-fear using the digging technique
-lack the confidence to work on yourself

Would you like to:
-increase your confidence when working on yourself?
-rapidly enhance your ability using the digging technique on yourself?
-learn how to reach the bottom program easily that is holding your belief in place?
-heal yourself on a deep profound level?

Then this Practice Night is not to be missed!

People often find it difficult to work on themselves for a few reasons, firstly, they get stuck in using the digging process on themselves. Secondly, they are holding onto subconscious fears that do not allow them to heal themselves believing it works on other people but not themselves. Thirdly, they have subconscious fears around seeing or recognising their own beliefs that are holding an issue inplace.

In this practice night replay you will have the opportunity to clear your own blocks and issues that are holding you back from working on yourself and receive empowering downloads to release you from being stuck.

CoCreation Practice Night Working on yourself/Digging

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