Embracing Change


Are you terrified of Change? or Feeling stressed with daily changes that are taking place?

Many of you are faced with daily challenges with the constant changes that are taking place right now on the planet. Now is the time to Embrace change and release your fears attached to change.

Change is always going to be a constant in life, and it is crucial that you know how to address the changes with a positive mindset. The way we perceive change can either be detrimental or it can serve you in amazing ways and allow for incredible personal growth.

However people often resist change, perceive it as a massive problem but often the problem is that we often try to keep things the same. If you are consciously or unconsciously trying to keep things the same then this will block you from living a deep and fulfilling life.

In this practice night recording Mark Anthony will discuss the hidden limiting beliefs and common fears surrounding change and why it is important to change them and how you can effectively heal them using the Thetahealing digging technique. If you want to move forward at this time and achieve your desires then the only way to do this is to accept and embrace change in your life.

You will receive empowering downloads to help you release limiting beliefs that arise either consciously or unconsciously when changes take place these include:


Allowing you to respond to change in positive ways and embracing the changes that are currently taking place in your life with calm ease and peace.

“As human beings we are habitual creatures that like routine and normality, but this will only keep you where you are. Allow change to be your new habit and watch your manifestations come to fruition.”

Healing your issues regarding change will allow you to connect with the natural flow of life, and have powerful experiences based on joy and love.

If we are resistant to life’s inevitable turns, the flow continues but we will experience life in a unloving and negative way.

By the end of the recording you will become more confident with change. By utilizing the Thetahealing tool you will feel less stress as changes in your life takes place. You will view change as an opportunity for growth and allow for new and exciting experience

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