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Wendy S.

In the thirty (or so) years that I’ve been a student and a practitioner of natural medicine, spirituality and healing, I have witnessed , facilitated and personally experienced some amazing healings – all profoundly humbling.
Aware that all dis-ease has its origins in the mind and emotions, I have, in my practice, approached treatment by encouraging my clients to look within their heart and their mind for the underlying belief , emotion or thought/reaction pattern which had created dis-ease in the body. Counselling, Reiki treatment, flower essences, and potentised herbal remedies generally brought about healing as folks came to realise the effect that their mind and emotions have on the physical body.
My goal, however, had to do with the knowledge I’ve long carried – that a single thought and/or a single touch is all that is needed to heal ourselves, and to bring healing to others. I was intent on achieving just that.
Back in the 90’s I wrote and published a book which was, in the short time I could afford to promote it, an Australian best seller. Soon after, I received a threatening letter, hand delivered to our home mailbox, which coincided with, but didn’t influence, the decision to close my practice in order to attend full time to the needs of my terminally ill Mother and my Dad, who had Alzheimers. My Mother refused all “outside” help, i.e. doctor, district nurse, etc, and I had no choice but to do the expected thing and be there for my parents every day. The cost on all levels was enormous.
Ten years on years on, with both my parents deceased, this Pollyanna who always looked on the bright side, fell into a deep depression and lost all sense of self and my place in the world. In asking Spirit for help, I was guided to the internet and with the first page I opened, I found Theta. I read through the info and the various practitioner pages and was instantly drawn to Mark Anthony. I called several other practitioners, and as lovely as they all were, I still felt guided to Mark. The more I read about Theta, the more I knew that this was a path I was meant to follow – not just for myself, but also for our daughter who needed help recovering from a relationship with a violent man, and for our two year old grandson whose feet had been twisted since birth.
In a single session with Mark, I felt transformed. The depression lifted before I left his office and, two months on, I know that healing was complete. Today, even the most traumatic and painful memories have lost their ability to arouse in me any emotion other than love and a gentle joy – gratitude for the experiences and what I learned from them, and for those folk who played the role of facilitator in what were my most painful experiences.
For the first time in my entire life, I feel liberated and free – and healed. And fearless!
I have no way of knowing if all Theta practitioners are the same, but I expect not. As with Reiki, all practitioners bring to their modality their own knowing, tempered and/or faceted by who they are in mind and heart, and polished by experience. Mark Anthony simply shines.
I don’t know just what it is that Mark does, but I intend to find out as soon as I can attend one of his courses. There are three people in this house who can attest to the healing power of Theta and the Mastery of Mark Anthony.