Declan Barnett

Wealth Consciousness (NEW Thetahealing Elective)

“One of the best ThetaHealing® electives I’ve done. If you’re interested in raising your wealth conscious to levels you believed were impossible, then this class is for you!”

Declan Barnett, Sunshine Coast, Marketing

“Once again I really love the way Mark delivers the information (clearly and calmly). This creates an inviting and welcoming platform to absorb the information and learn. Thankyou Mark.”

Todd Reid, New Zealand, Wellness Facilitator

“What a fantastic course! A must! In a world that seems to ‘revolve’ around money and the issues people have with this in their lives, this course would definitely help the masses!! Thankyou!!”

Scott Townsend, Sydney, Team Leader/Healer

“Brilliant course to help you grow, develop and fulfil your purpose. It was a lot of fun!!”

Tania Bennett, Sydney, Marketing Manager

“Wealth Consciousness is a unique course that presents ThetaHealing® in a way that guides participants to discover their own conscious and subconscious beliefs and then provides a framework for creating individual wealth and abundance. I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who has dreamed of ‘more’ but felt that this was out of reach or didn’t know how to go about it.”

Neil Paynter & Eleanor Smith, Perth, Engineering Manager

“Overall very well structured and amazing course. Thanks.”

Mauricio Mayorga Avila, Adelaide, Electronics Tech

“I got so much more from this course than I had expected – it was really helpful – Mark is an excellent teacher. I now know have the confidence to go out and do what I want to do. Thankyou for the awesome course and excellent delivery of the information. Thanks Mark & Team for an awesome 2.5 weeks – well done you are awesome!)”

Jill Blythe, New Zealand

“Mark’s course took me deep in to a whole new area of belief work I was not aware I had. The quantum perspective Mark communicated relating to how we live our lives based on our subconscious mind, opened up within me a hidden area of program I was not aware of. It was a blast!”

Tim Emslie, Victoria, ThetaHealer®

“Wealth consciousness is a great course to allow you to really discover your purpose and your goals. If you are looking for an injection of positivity and purpose in your life, this is a great course.”

Nikki White, Sydney, Business Mentor

“Thankyou for tying Wealth Consciousness with my connection to my life purpose. I can feel a shift from poverty consciousness (even though I have plenty of money), to feeling free and connected to all that is.”

Sue Zbornik, Sydney, Consultant Dietician

“I have identified beliefs around money and wealth that I never thought was there. They are now released and I feel very light and free.”

Erika Johansson, Singapore, ThetaHealer

“I loved the course immensely. It’s helped me see my life with renewed purpose and intention. I feel that a lot of limiting beliefs not only around money have been released doing this course.”

Zlatko Manovski, Wollgong, Printer

“Wonderful. Perfect. Life changing. Have already recommended it.”

Kellie Sanderson, Byron Bay, Property Investor

“Mark, you’ve done a great job. Your new class compliments the other ThetaHealing® electives and covers new ground in a comprehensive fashion. Thanks for a fun and inspiring time.”

Nancy Cate