Sue – Speech Therapis

Planes of Existence

“Thank you for enabling me to push the boundaries a bit further. It was certainly an inspiring and quirky 4 days – Awesome! To anyone considering taking the class I would say, “Be prepared for an expansion of awareness! Lots of subtle shifts keep happening, quietly re-adjusting your boundaries in a safe and nurturing environment”.”

Sue – Speech Therapist, Christchurch, NZ

“My favourite part of the class was experiencing the crystal layout for retrieving virtues from my ancestral line. This was a profound experience for me. As usual Nancy’s teaching was done eloquently and clearly, in a form I can relate to and understand.”

C. Dickson – Naturopath, Coromandel, NZ

“I now understand that what appears often to be a tough experience may well be a blessing as a Virtue is being developed. There is so much to be gained from doing this course, your world will open up in so many magical ways and in so many directions. I really enjoyed being with such incredible people and making this amazing journey together.”

Nirvyaja – ThetaHealer, Auckland, NZ

“Planes is an extra-special ThetaHealing™ class. I feel calmer and happier – this course answers many questions on spiritual development within each of the 7 Planes and I could reclaim my own inner wisdom. I loved every part of the class, especially Virtues, Crystal Layouts and Plants.”

Sally – Bowen Therapist, Kerikeri, NZ

“Planes has lots of practical applications for everyday life and will help to deepen the Theta techniques I already use and bring in wonderful multi-dimensional perspectives. I found the class to be very enriching, taking you deeper, making new connections and giving clarity. I loved the crystal layouts and understanding gained through shape-shifting and ancestors. The belief work was vital and well placed. This course was beautifully facilitated by Nancy.”

Karen – Director, Auckland, NZ

“Considering attending the Planes course? I would say – do it! It’ll give you a greater understanding of how you fit in the world and how important your thoughts are. I feel much more at peace with myself after this course as if I finally “fit” in the world.”

Zoe – Accountant, Wanaka, NZ

“Even after 10 years as a ThetaHealer this course really expands your knowledge and allows you to be more of the person you want to be, going where you want to go. I enjoyed it all, Nancy is a fabulous teacher who puts an enormous amount of time and study into making her courses easy to understand and accessible. It was fantastic to be reunited with so many familiar faces. I especially enjoyed the ancestor work, virtue work and in-depth work on each of the planes, together with loads of practice. What great energy!”

Carol – Sales Manager, Auckland NZ

“I liken the Planes of Existence Course to learning to read. Before you learn to read there are books in the library or world – but you can’t access the information in them. Then you begin to learn to read and can access the picture books (completion of the Basic ThetaHealing™ course). Then you progress to simple chapter books (Advanced ThetaHealing™ course). When you attend the Planes of Existence class it’s like the whole library and all the books of the world are now available and able to be accessed and used at your free will.”

N. Holley – Life Coach, Auckland, NZ

“I have just returned from 4 day in Auckland doing “Planes of Existence” with Nancy Cate… It blew my mind and I wasn’t the only one! Planes is the most amazing class ever! Wow! So much information and well worth waiting for. The class is a great mix of information, (basically how everything works), and amazing exercises (which are a lot of fun)! Anyone “thinking about” doing ‘Planes of Existence’ should stop thinking and “DO IT”. You won’t regret it (on any level)! Thank you to Nancy Cate for being an awesome teacher and to Vianna Stibal for the work and dedication that went into this class. I will never be the same again!”

Jill Blythe – Animal Communicator, Opotiki, NZ