Intuitive Child in me

It is a joy to work with Mark. He is really awesome. I have achieved great results and insights.

Malvina, Sydney

Since I have been on my ThetaHealing journey my life has changed tremendously including my circumstances. I love it all, practicing every day, clearing lots of blocks but Rainbow Children course is the one where I really have learned how to have Fun! Have fun with Joy without stressing myself out and witnessing all the miracles that can happen inside and outside.

Szilvia Nagy, Hungarian ThetaHealing Representative, Hungary

Having done this course already was great but to do it again now and I’m in a much better space to heal and learn has been fabulous. Thankyou so much I’ve loved being able to let my inner child run free, learn and grow. Moreover, its taught in such a simplified yet detailed way that its given me the ability to truly understand the information and procedures covered in the Basic and Advanced courses. Thank you as always. P.s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rainbow Kids Meditation CD…. Poof!

Rose, Theta Practitioner Sydney

Thankyou so much for a fun learning experience. I had an amazing time. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Ana Dante, Thetahealing Teacher/ Practitioner Sydney

I did not think there were many pairing up work in this course and I was very anxious about it, but I had a lot of fun cleansing from pair work and I feel much happier now. Other students are excellent and teacher is amazing. I learned more than enough from them. Thank you Mark and everyone.

Emiko, Sydney

I would recommend ThetaHealing, Rainbow Children course to anyone who is ready to step into their power and abilities. I believe it has helped me to understand these abilities better and to clear blockages that were deep and spanned in my subconscious. And to help understand the world and myself better from a space of unconditional love. Well done to mark and the Team. Namaste.

Amit, IT Tech Support, Sydney

I loved this course so much! It has opened me up to new ways of seeing learning, sensing and so much more. I have learnt new ways of working with myself and clients. My intuition has opened in so many new ways and my inner child is so happy. One of the biggest lessons from this course is have Fun – Life is Fun!

Jessie Cadden, Teacher, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney

Mark is a great teacher. He is very clear in his teachings and has a very warm personality and down to earth, very helpful and the class was always interesting and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Anthony’s Rainbow class to anyone.

c Business Owner Sydney

Again, Mark’s teaching and group activities were transformative and empowering. I loved the Animal exercise, Meditations and group exercises. Thankyou.

Dianne, Social Media Consultant, Sydney

This is a truly fun filled course that will make you much more aware and under Mark’s guidance you will experience tremendous change.

Barbara Fujak, Teacher, Sydney

I’ve always looked to other healing modalities outside of mainstream psychology, both professionally and personally, including Thetahealing. But I always lacked the confidence in my own intuition and abilities. The Rainbow children course gave me that, and more, it somehow seemed to bring everything together for me. It was all so easy and so much fun.
Thank you Mark, Theresa and all the Theta community.”

Patsy Andrews, Psychologist, Sydney

A great course that is beautifully guided and taught by a remarkable teacher. Had such much fun and also had the opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t serve me anymore. Thank you so much Mark love the Crystal work, the plants, the animals and the telekenisis insight as well.

Maria Fernandez, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney