Jessie Cadden

Intuitive Anatomy

I loved this course so much! It has opened me up to new ways of seeing learning, sensing and so much more. I have learnt new ways of working with myself and clients. My intuition has opened in so many new ways and my inner child is so happy. One of the biggest lessons from this course is have Fun – Life is Fun!

Jessie Cadden, Teacher, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney

Mark is a great teacher. He is very clear in his teachings and has a very warm personality and down to earth, very helpful and the class was always interesting and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Anthony’s Rainbow class to anyone.

Linda Sojan, Business Owner Sydney

“Intuitive Anatomy far exceeded my expectations. It is so obvious that Mark is passionate about what he does. He teaches things in a way that makes it easy to understand. Thank you Mark for your patience and enthusiasm.”

Hilary Lex, Sydney

“I found this course to be a thorough, well organised coverage of the human body and its systems. The empowering videos were excellent and very informative. A great opportunity to develop and improve skills in applying Theta Healing. I found Mark to be an excellent Instructor who really believes in and lives the life of Theta Healing. His patience, kind assistance in using the technique was much appreciated. His dedication was 120%. Many Thanks!”

Ron Terry, Theta Healer, Central Coast.

“Mark is an excellent teacher with a great passion for what he does. I got a lot out of all his classes and there was plenty of time for practice and I recognised an improvement within myself in every session. I am so grateful to having found ThetaHealing for all the positive changes it has made in my life.”

Marisa Secco, Healer, Sydney

“Intuitive Anatomy has been a fantastic and wonderful journey to learn about the human body and self. Along the way is the opportunity to experience and practice theta skills, build confidence and meet like minded people to share and join in the ride. I will be using the skills from Intuitive Anatomy everyday.”

Linda Apthorpe, Occupational Hygienist, Sydney

“Theta has truly changed my life. I am living the life I want without the pain guilt and anger that I had once experienced. Happiness is my birthright, I wish for everyone to experience this miracle called Theta, Thank you Mark.”

Rebecca Thornhill, Sydney

“Intuitive Anatomy is a true journey that has taken me far! Words can’t express how much I enjoyed it. I have cleared so many limiting beliefs and have loved working with the class every day. I am truly blessed and inspired!”

Melanie Alexander, Theta Practitioner, Website Developer/Designer

“Thank you Mark and Theta healing for giving me my power back and opening me to the miracles and possibilities of life. I feel so inspired to share this work with world around me. Life is a miracle!”

Jessie Cadden, Theta Practitioner, Art Therapist, Sydney

“What a journey, it was amazing! Well invested money, worth every cent. My life has just transformed, I have gotten rid of all that no longer serves me allowing me to be my true self. From now on, it only gets better. Mark is a wonderful person born for this work, no ego, only loves from Mark.”

Mina Aguiar, Theta Healer, Sydney

“I love the course – there was not a moment that I was disinterested. Mark is a wonderful teacher, his enthusiasm is infectious. This has changed my life, thank you so much.”

Michelle Crowe, Mother, Sydney

“Thanks for your patience, your enthusiasm shines through. Thanks for your dedicated effort. Had lots of great fun, the journey and personal growth has been incredible. The best value for money course I have done.”

James Korber, Scenar, Theta Healer, Brisbane.

“Mark Thank you so much for the most amazingly mind blowing 3 weeks of my life. It has far exceeded my expectations from what I had heard from other people. Thank you for introducing me to myself.”

Jennifer Maiya Kenny, Holistic Healing, Theta Healer, Kiama Downs

“This course was amazing and exceeded my expectations. My journey has just started and I look forward to the future.”

Halina Chapman, Customer Service Officer, Sydney

“Intuitive Anatomy is the best propulsion for clearing beliefs. These 3 weeks have been pure self indulgence in clearing deep lying beliefs. I feel even clearer and lighter then before. Being able to move through, from one day to the next and the natural flow of clearing has been a real privilege. Thank you Mark.”

Robyn Timperley, Theta Practitioner, Teacher and Kinesiologist, Sydney

“Spend 15 days being directed by Spirit!!! It does not get any better.”

Ed Clarke, Sydney

“It was a life changing experience plus more and would recommend it to anyone.”

Petra Herrlich, Sydney

“Mark makes this amazing work so simple.”

Sally Diamond, Theta Healer, Sydney

“The most intense, self-transformative yet very exciting learning I have ever done. After the three-week course, all my doubts regarding my capability to be an Intuitive Healer vanished. I started to be more accurate with distance remote scanning and can now see a lot more, like viruses, and so much more. My relationship with my family transformed beautifully and continues to do so. It made me believe that there are many realms of possibility out there that I have yet to rediscover. Before I was hoping to see, feel, hear, touch or smell but now am certain of and in-touch with the Creative Force that moves all things. I am in awe and am truly grateful!”

Helen Jutsen, Theta Healer, Singer and Songwriter, Sydney

“Intuitive Anatomy course taught by Mark Anthony has transformed me. If you want to clear years of limiting beliefs, old programs & patterns that no longer serve you and bring your body into harmony in a loving, safe and caring environment then I highly recommend this 3 week experience.
I have gained vast experience in trusting my intuition. I feel empowered with the amount of knowledge and confidence I now have and it has brought me to a new level as a person and practitioner.
I now know that when issues come up in life I will be able to clear whatever it is with grace and ease and as Mark says “life and issues just become easier to deal with and life is more funner.” Thank you Mark for your supportive attention and love in teaching me Intuitive Anatomy.”

Glenys Moore, ThetaHealing™ Practitioner

“This course is Magic! I am so happy that I have experienced it – with enormous results. Mark has been so powerful and authentic. Giving such insights and love at all times.”

Marie-Alice Kuliffay, Artist

“It is an amazing opportunity to be able to have 3 weeks to focus on healing major life issues in such a loving and supportive environment.”

Geraldine Crumpton, Therapist/Healer

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is ready to let go of the old shield. So much growth, change, transformation took place. It’s mind blowing. I can’t thank you enough for everything!”

Arezoo Mazloomi, Beauty Therapist/Reiki Teacher/Practitioner

“I feel like I have been searching my entire life for my purpose. Until now this course has taken me on a journey I did not think was possible and increased my confidence, skills and knowledge beyond my beliefs! Thank you for guiding me and giving me the tools to realise it is all within myself and I just have to trust the creator.”

Dallas Nerra, Sydney

“Thank you Mark for a transformation in my life in creating an environment that has allowed me to reach into the depths and emerge as a spirit of light.”

Debbie McGinlay, Therapist (Hypnosis), Sydney

“This course has gone deeper and dealt with all the stuff I haven’t wanted to and it has been beautiful. It has helped me to trust my ability to change and has broadened my world and inspired me to change my whole life – brilliant stuff! Thank you Mark.”

Nathalie Lawson, Graphic Designer, Sydney Graphic Designer, Sydney