Game of Life

“The whole team is wonderful! I felt comfortable at all times. Mark is a very good teacher that knows how to flow.”


“After Intuitive Anatomy I didn’t think I could change much more, but I had no idea what the Game of Life had in store for more. I have had huge transformational shifts in energy and foundational belief systems changed to release me from my self-limiting beliefs.
My life has been enriched by this phenomenal course!”


“Thank you so much to Mark and his amazing team. This has been a life changing weekend and I highly recommend this elective to anyone who wants to change their life and expand their future. Love and gratitude!!”


“Brilliant course! Very enriching!”

Scott Townsend, ThetaHealer

“I really enjoyed this course, the information was practical and the healing’s perfect for breaking down the barriers surrounding business and life in general. I feel so much clarity about my future direction in just 3 days. Thank you!”

CP, ThetaHealer

“Thank you Mark! You always make learning fun, enjoyable and safe while sharing from your heart. I keep coming back because of the benefits I receive and I feel safe!”

Marie Bateman, Medical Secretary

“Game of Life is amazing!! I am so grateful to Mark and all the assistants for creating a safe space for me to step into my power!”

-Katherine Poulsen Acting and Speech Coach

“A fantastic 3 days! The course released so much for me!
Great content, great group and so much fun, laughter and love!”

-Susie Scicluna, Writer