Geraldine Crumpton


I loved this course – I only wish it could have been longer!

Geraldine Crumpton, ThetaHealer™ , Sydney

Another mind blowing course. DNA 3 is an amazing and enlightened experience. Able to deal with issues easier, quicker and far more deeper. I loved it!

Mina Aguiar, ThetaHealer™ Practitioner/Teacher

Change perspectives in life, open doors of opportunity whilst having a great time and while learning with ease and grace. Being empowered and improved health. Thanks Mark!

Malvina Galstaum, Sydney

Keep going – it is beyond everything I imagined and more!.

Kim Riley, ThetaHealer™ , Perth

This has been the most profound & deep course so far – issues that have existed all my life were changed and I can feel a dramatic shift for the better and feel my life has changed in ways yet to be seen! The best thing was that ThetaHealing™ became very fun and finding core beliefs was a joy – I now really look forward to using Theta as part of a joyful journey of my life. Very fun and very profound – Thank you Mark for teaching it.

Nathalie Lawson, Freelance Design, Sydney

Mark is amazing, his knowledge and experience and competency is excellent. His love and passion for this modality ensures that every participant has the perfect experience for their individual needs at that moment in time.

Shirley Bender, Accounts/Supervisor

DNA 3 really takes Theta to the next level! Lots of shortcuts and increased clarity! Absolutely awesome!

Tracey Attinger, ThetaHealer™ & Teacher, Sydney

Thank you Mark, this really has been the icing on the cake! I am so grateful for all I have learnt and all I continue to learn on this amazing journey.

Hilary Lex, Sydney

A wonderful week, much more than I imagined, As usual it was delivered with Mark’s inimitable style. To learn in such a fun and safe environment is a wonderful experience. If you are serious about ThetaHealing™ you need to do this course.

Maiya Kenny, ThetaHealer™, Kiama Downes

DNA was incredible! In one week it completely changed my paradigm of what’s possible.

David Bates, Fitter/Machinist, Sydney

It was absolutely a privilege to do this course. The depth of work and clarity of delivery was very inspiring. I got a lot out of it!

Arezoo Mazloomi, Beauty Therapist/Healer, Sydney