Amber Carr

Basic Theta Healing

I really enjoyed the course, it is so easy to understand and I always had light bulb moments. I can now see where I am going and have faith in my self. I can’t wait to use this in my healings on others, Thank you Mark.

Amber Carr, Makeup Artist, Brisbane

This course is full of wisdom and knowledge for your self empowerment. Theta Healing give you the opportunity to improve yourself and to live life BEYOND your dreams.

Sharon Price, Crime Manager, Brisbane

Healing takes place even during the course: feeling the belief patterns change instantly. I love the simplicity of Theta Healing. Mark is an awesome teacher, has lots of stories to illustrate points and has a great sense of humour.

Susan Drake, Registered Nurse, Brisbane

Mark is not just an amazing healer but fully rates as a teacher he is very clear on what he presents and it sinks in well.

Talitha Talarek, Assistant Accountant, Brisbane

Thank you Mark for your kindness and compassion, also your sense of humour as it helps to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Michelle Swan, Campaign Co-ordinator, Brisbane

Finally found a “power tool” to shift blocks to being the best person I can be.

Tracie Allan, Personal Assistant, Sydney

I’m excited about the future I am about to create with the techniques and new knowledge I have gained through this course. I’m impressed with Theta Healing’s simplicity and power.

Nathalie Lawson, Sydney

Highly recommend to anyone that wants to be all that they can be and have the knowledge and confidence to be

Carin Clonda, CEO of NSW Squash(Australian Squash Champion)

Mark is a patient, loving, accepting and good humored teacher who gives information and healing without ego limitations

Katherine Poulsen Acting and Speech Coach

I’ve studied, explored and practiced many approaches to  personal growth over a number of years but I have been  blown away by the way Theta Healing™ facilitates swift and  easy change. The course is inspirational and I’m looking  forward to the next step.

Marilyn Sullivan, Kinesiologist & TAFE Coordinator