Judy Dwyer

Advanced Theta Healing

“The Theta healing concept is mind blowing as well as mind changing.”

Judy Dwyer, Sydney

“I found the Advance course gave me confidence and personal healing finish to the Basic course. I am grateful that I did both with a fortnight of each other.”

Tracey Nichols, Energy & Massage Therapist, Maitland

“This course has been thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening. The first course is fun and the Advance course is unreal. It has exceeded my expectation. You can only go forward with this technique.”

Amanda Davis, Physiotherapist, Sydney

“You can move through your major issues that are blocking you from fulfilling your purpose in life. Mark radiates love and very nurturing of his students.”

Helen Jutsen, Sydney

“I loved this course; it has expanded my horizons and personal possibilities limitlessly and has instilled in me such happiness and hope. I truly now feel capable of magic (that is what the Advance course has felt like!) Thank you so much Mark.”

Ami Goldberg, Actress, Sydney

“Don’t be so precious about your stuff! Learn to know how and what it feels like to live without them/it. It’s a beautiful liberation.”

Amajjika Kumara, Healer, Sydney

“Fantastic content would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a better insight into life, would be the most life changing information available.”

Glen Beynon, Brisbane

“Mark is a gifted and very engaging teacher with a great sense of humour and clarity. His personal understanding of the Theta healing material is excellent and he was very inspirational with his teachings. I feel great renewed and empowered.”

Helga Howell, Brisbane

“Theta has been absolutely amazing in opening my intuition and clearing self doubts and fears which I never realised was possible. I’m looking forward to practicing Theta on friends, family and pets and using Theta in my daily life to create the life, love and health I deserve & want.”

Dallas Nerra, Kinesiologist, Sydney

“Thanks Mark, what gave the course so much validity was your enthusiasm and total immersion in Theta. You “walk your talk” which is inspiring.”

Valma Granich, Therapist, Perth

“If you are having trouble moving forward in any area of your life this course is what you are looking for. Turn anything around you feel is too BIG to shift. Life changing, unbelievable. Leaves you limited only by your imagination.”

Jasmine Jones, Singer Songwriter, Perth

I did not know what to expect from this course when I first decided to do it. Once again now that I have completed the Advance course everything got me by surprise and I got so much more then I even thought was possible.

Petra Herrlich, Sydney