Seven Planes and Soul Mate Manifestation CD


This is a very Unique CD because it gives you the guidance you need when Manifesting Health, Soul Mates, or anything else your heart desires in just a few short meditative minutes as needed. Vianna will walk through several different Techniques that are gentle and easy to understand while showing your subconscious how to achieve what it wants!

Vianna has been channelling this information and manifesting what she’s needed for years and believes being connected to the Energy of all that is and truly imagining in detail what it is you want, Will be key to a successful manifestation or healing.

1. Manifesting Health and Enlightenment from the 7th Plane of Existence.
Manifesting from the 7th Plane of Existence is how you achieve Co-Created Instant Healings and Answers for yourself and or your clients, When working with different issues surrounding the human body, mind and soul.

2. Manifesting for a Soul Mate.
Manifesting for a soul mate isn’t just bringing your most compatible soul mate to you, but experiencing how to love your current partner again too. In this meditation, Vianna will guide you up through the universe, helping you bring forth and create someone who will cherish and adore you, while staying connected to the Creator Of All That Is.