Releasing Money Blocks/Fears Recording


The focus topic on this Practice Night recording will be on RELEASING Money Blocks/Fears using the Thetahealing tool.

If you are:

  • feeling fearful and stressed about money or
  • find that you are limited in the area of finances or
  • have a tendency to worry about money or
  • worried about losing your income from the loss of your job/work
  • not able to access your abundance

then this class is not to be missed!

In this class Mark Anthony’s demonstrate with the Thetahealing tool how you can identify which beliefs are holding you back the most.

He shows you how touse the Thetahealing tool to rewire your brain so that you can feel and strengthen your faith that you are always taken care of by the Creator, regardless of what is taking place with the world economy or what financial crisis is taking place.

In this Practice Night you will:

  • discover the spiritual nature of money and the understanding that we are always provided for
  • powerful and empowering healing downloads that will clear blocks that are blocking your flow of income
  • let go of FEAR so you have the capacity to take positive action
  • open up your creativity to effortlessly create
  • gain an understanding that the creator is the source of your financial needs. (for instance if you have lost your job people often feel that their employer is their source of their income but the truth is the creator is your source of income, and your employer is the means by which you receive your income)

By the end of the PRACTICE NIGHT recording you will feel more at ease, peaceful and harmonious when it comes to money matters. Finally, you will have faith, trust and certainty that the creator has your back!

CoCreation Practice Night Replay Releasing Money Blocks/Fears
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