Within a few months of participating in our practice nights you will be amazed by your own progress and your level of confidence working on yourself, your loved ones or your clients.

One of the key benefits of attending a practice night is that you gain frequent practice under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor, who can answer any of your questions and help those who may be getting stuck.

Participating in Practice nights makes a tremendous difference when you connect with like-minded people as it only magnifies your intention to heal and manifest quicker as a group. If you are feeling a bit disconnected and finding it hard to heal and manifest, regularly participating in practice nights is a great way to be in that healing energy.

If you live remotely or unable to attend you can join our practice night via Facebook LIVE allowing you to participate at your convenience and on demand so that you can continue to feel supported and to develop your skills as a Thetahealer.

Frequent practice will enhance your ThetaHealing skills, unfold your intuitive abilities and your ability to perform faster and more powerful healings and manifestations.

Practice Night Outline

  • Discussion regarding how to apply Thetahealing in your day to day life and experience permanent and lasting changes.
  • Group healing and an opportunity to receive amazing downloads and energy clearing session as channeled by Mark Anthony from the creator.
  • Practice accessing the Theta brainwave state. Regular practice of accessing a Theta brainwave will further deepen your connection with the creator of all that is.
  • Open discussion and question and Answers session.
  • Discussion of the latest and greatest advances, updates in Theta Healing as communicated by Vianna Stibal the founder of Thetahealing.
  • Often Includes demonstration of the Thetahealing digging process.
  • Second part of the evening is a Supervised Theta Healing practice where participants can work with someone they connect with and take turns working on each other when you attend the live event. Alternatively, if you are doing it via a Facebook LIVE you have the option to practice on yourself.