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New ThetaHealing Elective Course – Family Ties

Family Ties

New ThetaHealing® Elective Course – Family Ties to be offered by Co-Creation in Sydney for the first time!

In this class, we direct our attention within and discover beliefs that we have accepted precisely because of the family into which we were born. This is a class where, by letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, we come to better know, recognize and accept ourselves, and to lead a freer existence. In short, we become able to more completely love and accept ourselves, and in this way we come to know ourselves as beings of light.

This seminar explores how—through better understanding the beliefs and programs of family and ancestors—we can free ourselves from various obligations and duties that were never ours to begin with, and formulate a new sense of identity and direction in life based on our own true goals and aspirations.

This seminar applies the basic tools of ThetaHealing to address a host of issues related to family. In the process a number of innovative exercises are introduced. Areas of focus include:

  • Clearing resentments toward one’s parents
  • Identifying energetic patterns in one’s family and clearing family issues
  • Recollecting one’s intention in having been born into this world, and in choosing one’s particular family
  • Integration with the higher self


This is a fabulous class. It really sheds the light on so many topics related to family relationships. During my journey with ThetaHealing, I have worked on many topics regarding genetics and my ancestral lineage. This class provides the missing link to put the information together.I experienced a tremendous shift during the two days of class. I loved the exercises tremendously.In this class you not only clear issues with your ancestors, but it really makes you realize the good traits you inherited, why you chose to be born into your family and you really learn how to appreciate your ancestors unconditionally.

This is such an important class and I think everybody who is on a journey to heal their relationships with their ancestors or who wants to shift this relationship to higher level of vibration and love should take this class. I highly recommend it.
-Kristie Reeves, U.S.A.

About Craig Koekemoer

Family Ties is a two-day class that will be taught by Craig Koekemoer. Craig is Country Events Co-Ordinator & Country Information Communicator for ThetaHealing Russia, he was born in South Africa, and moved to London at the beginning of 2000. Click here to read more

Course Dates

Course Name: ThetaHealing® Family Ties Seminar
Date: 8th and 9th May 2017
Venue: Co-Creation, Level 2 83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards. (Click here to download document on “Location & Accommodation” details
Investment: $620      $220 Course deposit Plus Course Fee $400AUD
Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing & Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioners

(Includes: Family Ties Practitioner Manual)

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Price: $220.00

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