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Crystal Viewing of the Soul

Crystals, commonly recognized by their specific shapes, are solids where the atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an ordered pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Besides the qualities readily known about, they also have amazing properties, which have been identified and tested in the scientific world.

Crystal Viewing

A good example is the use of quartz crystals, which are used with an electronic oscillator to create a signal with a very precise frequency, and this is used to accurately measure time.

In crystal viewing or what is also called crystal layouts, we make use of crystals laid out in a specific pattern around the human body, to facilitate and help the person reach a meditative brain state. This allows a person to use the crystal grid to follow many different journeys, using the concept of a “wormhole” or “gateway” to safely pass from one reality to another.

Before we get lost on a journey, let me explain what we have used crystals for, in the grid, and how they can be beneficial to you:

  • You can explore what is called “past life” memories (also referred to as genetic or ancestral memories)
  • You can go back to any point in your life to view and recall what happened (similar to hypnosis, without being hypnotized)
  • You can take a journey into your future to remember how you completed specific tasks etc, (thus helping you focus on how to do something before it happens)
  • You can explore other physical locations remotely, and go back in time to recollect information about previous times
  • You can talk to Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, and if you wish the Creator too

So in essence, you can explore things that have happened or are about to happen, and use the technique to resolve issues in the here and now. You can bring back lessons and qualities you have already learnt but maybe forgotten. And you can explore the reasons for trauma and resolve them in the here and now, without allowing the trauma to continue into the future.

A crystal session takes anything from 45 minutes to around an hour, and as the client you are in control at all times. There is no need for hypnosis so you are not in a position where someone else takes control of you. And the best thing about it, is that you have the help of a facilitator who guides you through your journeys, helping you focus on where you want to go, and assisting with helping you remember the lessons and gifts or qualities you had in previous life times.

So how can you get an opportunity to explore past lives with crystals?
There are two options available to you, the first being an individual session with a crystal layout facilitator, and the second by completing a one day course allowing you to help others facilitate a crystal viewing experience.
The course was developed by Christina High, who with Vianna Stibal and another friend of theirs, experienced the powers and possibilities of crystals in some pretty amazing journeys. Crystal viewing is open to anyone, and is well suited to anyone who has worked with or familiar with energy healing modalities. You will be given a crystal viewing manual and on completion of the course, you will receive certification as a crystal viewing practitioner.

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