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Planes of Existence Testimonials

"I have just returned from 4 day in Auckland doing "Planes of Existence" with Nancy Cate... It blew my mind and I wasn't the only one! Planes is the most amazing class ever! Wow! So much information and well worth waiting for. The class is a great mix of information, (basically how everything works), and amazing exercises (which are a lot of fun)! Anyone "thinking about" doing 'Planes of Existence' should stop thinking and "DO IT". You won't regret it (on any level)! Thank you to Nancy Cate for being an awesome teacher and to Vianna Stibal for the work and dedication that went into this class. I will never be the same again!"
Jill Blythe – Animal Communicator, Opotiki, NZ

"I liken the Planes of Existence Course to learning to read. Before you learn to read there are books in the library or world - but you can’t access the information in them. Then you begin to learn to read and can access the picture books (completion of the Basic ThetaHealing™ course). Then you progress to simple chapter books (Advanced ThetaHealing™ course). When you attend the Planes of Existence class it’s like the whole library and all the books of the world are now available and able to be accessed and used at your free will."
N. Holley – Life Coach, Auckland, NZ

"Even after 10 years as a ThetaHealer this course really expands your knowledge and allows you to be more of the person you want to be, going where you want to go. I enjoyed it all, Nancy is a fabulous teacher who puts an enormous amount of time and study into making her courses easy to understand and accessible. It was fantastic to be reunited with so many familiar faces. I especially enjoyed the ancestor work, virtue work and in-depth work on each of the planes, together with loads of practice. What great energy!"
Carol – Sales Manager, Auckland NZ

"Considering attending the Planes course? I would say - do it! It’ll give you a greater understanding of how you fit in the world and how important your thoughts are. I feel much more at peace with myself after this course as if I finally “fit” in the world."
Zoe – Accountant, Wanaka, NZ

"Planes has lots of practical applications for everyday life and will help to deepen the Theta techniques I already use and bring in wonderful multi-dimensional perspectives. I found the class to be very enriching, taking you deeper, making new connections and giving clarity. I loved the crystal layouts and understanding gained through shape-shifting and ancestors. The belief work was vital and well placed. This course was beautifully facilitated by Nancy."
Karen – Director, Auckland, NZ

"Planes is an extra-special ThetaHealing™ class. I feel calmer and happier - this course answers many questions on spiritual development within each of the 7 Planes and I could reclaim my own inner wisdom. I loved every part of the class, especially Virtues, Crystal Layouts and Plants."
Sally – Bowen Therapist, Kerikeri, NZ

"I now understand that what appears often to be a tough experience may well be a blessing as a Virtue is being developed. There is so much to be gained from doing this course, your world will open up in so many magical ways and in so many directions. I really enjoyed being with such incredible people and making this amazing journey together."
Nirvyaja – ThetaHealer, Auckland, NZ

"My favourite part of the class was experiencing the crystal layout for retrieving virtues from my ancestral line. This was a profound experience for me. As usual Nancy’s teaching was done eloquently and clearly, in a form I can relate to and understand."
C. Dickson – Naturopath, Coromandel, NZ

"Thank you for enabling me to push the boundaries a bit further. It was certainly an inspiring and quirky 4 days - Awesome! To anyone considering taking the class I would say, “Be prepared for an expansion of awareness! Lots of subtle shifts keep happening, quietly re-adjusting your boundaries in a safe and nurturing environment”."
Sue – Speech Therapist, Christchurch, NZ

The Game of Life Testimonials

"A fantastic 3 days! The course released so much for me!
Great content, great group and so much fun, laughter and love!"

-Susie Scicluna, Writer

"Game of Life is amazing!! I am so grateful to Mark and all the assistants for creating a safe space for me to step into my power!"
-Katherine Poulsen Acting and Speech Coach

"Thank you Mark! You always make learning fun, enjoyable and safe while sharing from your heart. I keep coming back because of the benefits I receive and I feel safe!"
Marie Bateman, Medical Secretary

"I really enjoyed this course, the information was practical and the healing’s perfect for breaking down the barriers surrounding business and life in general. I feel so much clarity about my future direction in just 3 days. Thank you!"
CP, ThetaHealer

"Brilliant course! Very enriching!"
Scott Townsend, ThetaHealer

"Thank you so much to Mark and his amazing team. This has been a life changing weekend and I highly recommend this elective to anyone who wants to change their life and expand their future. Love and gratitude!!"

"After Intuitive Anatomy I didn’t think I could change much more, but I had no idea what the Game of Life had in store for more. I have had huge transformational shifts in energy and foundational belief systems changed to release me from my self-limiting beliefs.
My life has been enriched by this phenomenal course!"


"The whole team is wonderful! I felt comfortable at all times. Mark is a very good teacher that knows how to flow."

Rainbow Children Testimonials

A great course that is beautifully guided and taught by a remarkable teacher. Had such much fun and also had the opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t serve me anymore. Thank you so much Mark love the Crystal work, the plants, the animals and the telekenisis insight as well.
Maria Fernandez, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney

Mark is a great teacher. He is very clear in his teachings and has a very warm personality and down to earth, very helpful and the class was always interesting and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Anthony’s Rainbow class to anyone.
Linda Sojan, Business Owner Sydney

I loved this course so much! It has opened me up to new ways of seeing learning, sensing and so much more. I have learnt new ways of working with myself and clients. My intuition has opened in so many new ways and my inner child is so happy. One of the biggest lessons from this course is have Fun – Life is Fun!
Jessie Cadden, Teacher, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Sydney

I've always looked to other healing modalities outside of mainstream psychology, both professionally and personally, including Thetahealing. But I always lacked the confidence in my own intuition and abilities. The Rainbow children course gave me that, and more, it somehow seemed to bring everything together for me. It was all so easy and so much fun.
Thank you Mark, Theresa and all the Theta community." Patsy Andrews, Psychologist, Sydney

This is a truly fun filled course that will make you much more aware and under Mark’s guidance you will experience tremendous change.
Barbara Fujak, Teacher, Sydney

Again, Mark’s teaching and group activities were transformative and empowering. I loved the Animal exercise, Meditations and group exercises. Thankyou.
Dianne, Social Media Consultant, Sydney

I would recommend ThetaHealing, Rainbow Children course to anyone who is ready to step into their power and abilities. I believe it has helped me to understand these abilities better and to clear blockages that were deep and spanned in my subconscious. And to help understand the world and myself better from a space of unconditional love. Well done to mark and the Team. Namaste.
Amit, IT Tech Support, Sydney

I did not think there were many pairing up work in this course and I was very anxious about it, but I had a lot of fun cleansing from pair work and I feel much happier now. Other students are excellent and teacher is amazing. I learned more than enough from them. Thank you Mark and everyone.
Emiko, Sydney

Thankyou so much for a fun learning experience. I had an amazing time. I highly recommend this course to everyone.
Ana Dante, Thetahealing Teacher/ Practitioner Sydney

Having done this course already was great but to do it again now and I’m in a much better space to heal and learn has been fabulous. Thankyou so much I’ve loved being able to let my inner child run free, learn and grow. Moreover, its taught in such a simplified yet detailed way that its given me the ability to truly understand the information and procedures covered in the Basic and Advanced courses. Thank you as always. P.s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rainbow Kids Meditation CD…. Poof!
Rose, Theta Practitioner Sydney

Since I have been on my ThetaHealing journey my life has changed tremendously including my circumstances. I love it all, practicing every day, clearing lots of blocks but Rainbow Children course is the one where I really have learned how to have Fun! Have fun with Joy without stressing myself out and witnessing all the miracles that can happen inside and outside.
Szilvia Nagy, Hungarian ThetaHealing Representative, Hungary

It is a joy to work with Mark. He is really awesome. I have achieved great results and insights.
Malvina, Sydney





World Relations Testimonials

My connection to creator has strengthened in ways I did not know possible. My intuition has opened up greatly. The issues cleared in World Relations I feel are pivotal, massive stuff that has cleared so quickly in one week. Awesome. Thank you Mark for guiding me – you are amazing.
Jessie Cadden, Art Therapist, Sydney

This is truly an amazing course. It has worked wonders for me. I have managed to clear a lot of crap/issues that I did not know I even had or knew existed. With Mark being an excellent instructor, it has made a lot of difference as he has shown us a lot of love, patience and guidance which truly helps in our learning and healing process.
Sophie Prior, ThetaHealer™ , Sydney

Thetahealing has given me a sense of closure and resolution in my life that no other modality has to date. Also it has greatly improved my abilities as a clairvoyant and healer.
Eleanor Smith, Clairvoyant, Sydney

I would highly recommend this course to any one who is interested in dealing with their emotional issues on a very deep level allowing for transformation in their lives.
Dana Smitala, Sydney

This has been the most surprising and fun Theta course yet!. I’m looking forward to going out into the world with less resentment and more love for myself and the people of this world. This course has uncovered deep seeded issues that have been with me for a lifetime. I feel free! Thank you Mark!
Nathalie Lawson, ThetaHealer™ , Sydney

It has been the best course so far! I feel as if I have finally broken through – stuff I could not shift in previous courses has gone!! Thank you so much for holding the space for us all to do so much healing/releasing. Mark – you really are amazing!
Maiya Kenny, ThetaHealer™ , Kiama Downes

Mark certainly knows what he is talking about. He is always supportive and generous in every way. Expect nothing but the best and great results.
Malvina Galstraum, Sydney

This course rocked my world! Two weeks of it would have been awesome or how about World Relations 1&2. Words can not describe the phenomenal changes. The incredible insights that are gained through a whole new world opens up! An aerial view of existence. A heartfelt Thank you!
Arezoo Mazloomi, Beauty Therapist/Healer, Sydney

DNA 3 Testimonials

It was absolutely a privilege to do this course. The depth of work and clarity of delivery was very inspiring. I got a lot out of it!
Arezoo Mazloomi, Beauty Therapist/Healer, Sydney

DNA was incredible! In one week it completely changed my paradigm of what’s possible.
David Bates, Fitter/Machinist, Sydney

A wonderful week, much more than I imagined, As usual it was delivered with Mark’s inimitable style. To learn in such a fun and safe environment is a wonderful experience. If you are serious about ThetaHealing™ you need to do this course.
Maiya Kenny, ThetaHealer™, Kiama Downes

Thank you Mark, this really has been the icing on the cake! I am so grateful for all I have learnt and all I continue to learn on this amazing journey.
Hilary Lex, Sydney

DNA 3 really takes Theta to the next level! Lots of shortcuts and increased clarity! Absolutely awesome!
Tracey Attinger, ThetaHealer™ & Teacher, Sydney

Mark is amazing, his knowledge and experience and competency is excellent. His love and passion for this modality ensures that every participant has the perfect experience for their individual needs at that moment in time.
Shirley Bender, Accounts/Supervisor

This has been the most profound & deep course so far – issues that have existed all my life were changed and I can feel a dramatic shift for the better and feel my life has changed in ways yet to be seen! The best thing was that ThetaHealing™ became very fun and finding core beliefs was a joy – I now really look forward to using Theta as part of a joyful journey of my life. Very fun and very profound – Thank you Mark for teaching it.
Nathalie Lawson, Freelance Design, Sydney

Keep going – it is beyond everything I imagined and more!.
Kim Riley, ThetaHealer™ , Perth

Change perspectives in life, open doors of opportunity whilst having a great time and while learning with ease and grace. Being empowered and improved health. Thanks Mark!
Malvina Galstaum, Sydney

Another mind blowing course. DNA 3 is an amazing and enlightened experience. Able to deal with issues easier, quicker and far more deeper. I loved it!
Mina Aguiar, ThetaHealer™ Practitioner/Teacher

I loved this course – I only wish it could have been longer!
Geraldine Crumpton, ThetaHealer™ , Sydney

ThetaHealing Courses

Our Theta Healing courses teach you how to reach your full potential without limitations so you can co-create the life of your dreams. It is about reclaiming your power and creating your life exactly the way you want it by applying the Theta Healing technique.

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Below is the list of Courses (Click to view the Dates and Descriptions) :

Basic Theta Healing
- “BECOME A PRACTITIONER IN ONLY 3 DAYS Or simply apply it for immediate impact in your personal life”

Advanced Theta Healing
– “Take Theta Healing to the next quantum level!”

Manifesting & Abundance
– “Infinite Spirit, open the way for my immediate supply; let all that is mine by Divine Right now reach me, in great avalanches of Abundance.”
Florence Scovel Shinn

Intuitive Anatomy
– “Experience a quantum metamorphosis of your whole being!”

Rainbow Children
- Embark on an Adventure full of fun and magic!

– Expand and deepen your abilities to heal yourself and others.

Diseases & Disorders
– Learn how to move and change non-organic and organic matter, as well as how to work with the mitochondria.

World Relations
– A powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in yourself and towards others.

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